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It’s all in the name: Just For Kix’s ‘Together We Dance’ Open to All

Just For Kix's Together We Dance. Photo courtesy of JFK.

Just For Kix is more than just a dancewear company. The popular brand also hosts a successful – and very popular – competition. And the name says it all. Just For Kix’s Together We Dance (TWD), held between the months of January through late April, have always brought together hundreds of dancers in an exciting competition. Over 200 of Just For Kix’s youth programs and studios are eligible to participate. And in one recent weekend alone, 6,000 dancers competed. By the end of this month, 26,000 dancers will have attended an average of three competitions, performing several numbers at each across different disciplines. 

But in an effort to unite even more dancers, in 2019, TWD will hold a Nationals competition that will be open to any studio on April 26-28. 

“We are very excited about this,” says Amanda Clough, event coordinator for Just For Kix’s TWD. “Dancers compete in many styles such as jazz, lyrical, kick, hip hop, pom. We also have solo and small group competitions!”

Just For Kix's Together We Dance. Photo courtesy of JFK.

Just For Kix’s Together We Dance. Photo courtesy of JFK.

Clough also notes that because so many dancers will now be competing at TWD, the participants can really benefit from the experience of being around so many other dancers. After all, TWD was built with the idea that by pulling together, we all become stronger.

“Competition creates a catalyst to pursue excellence,” she adds. 

For awards and prizes, TWD awards places depending on how many groups are in a category. So, the more groups there are, the more places that are given. For solos and small groups, TWD also gives awards based on where their score ends up – Gold, High Gold and Platinum. 

And aside from having such a large number of competitors, TWD also draws a huge audience. “Sometimes, up to 1,000 people are watching!” Clough says. “That gives much more of a performance feel!”

And that brings even more excitement to the event. A performance competition that assures, “Together, we dance.” 

Registration dates will be announced soon, but anyone who is interested in Just For Kix’s Together We Dance can email ali@justforkix.com. For more information, visit www.justforkix.com/danceclasses/performance/together-we-dance.

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

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