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#1 Tip for Keeping Your Dance Floor Slip-Free

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Slippery dance floors are frustrating for dancers, not to mention, dangerous. So how can you keep your studio floors slip-free?

Here’s the number one tip for a slip-free dance floor:

Do not clean your floor with only water.  Why not?

While dirt, dust, debris and scuff marks are always going to appear on a dance floor, the number one culprit is oil.  The primary source of oil is from perspiration and body lotion residue. Water does not dissolve oil.  When you clean with only water you may pick up dirt and but you are also spreading the oil over the floor.

Over time the oil makes the floor slippery.  You can usually tell if you have an oil build-up if the floor has a satin, hazy sheen to it.  The problem is easily solved by using a detergent degreaser.  You will not find it in supermarkets but in hardware stores or janitorial supply outlets.  Use warm water mixed with the degreaser per the directions and the oil will come up.  ProClean, a good choice for a detergent degreaser, is available from

By Randy Swartz, President, Stagestep, Inc.

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