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Nan Giordano to teach at World-Class Talent Experience

Nan Giordano

This weekend, World-Class Talent Experience, Inc. (WCTE) returns to Las Vegas, Nevada, for a dance competition event and to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Las Vegas marks the location of WCTE’s very first event in March 2013, and this year, there will be a special guest master class opportunity with Nan Giordano, artistic director of Giordano Dance Chicago.

World-Class Talent Experience. Photo by Four Star Productions.

World-Class Talent Experience. Photo by Four Star Productions.

Giordano inherited the Chicago jazz dance company, which was founded in 1963, from her father, Gus, and WCTE Executive Director Shawna David believes this class is an exciting opportunity for dancers to receive a bit of history and a lot of inspiration.

“History is best passed on in person,” David tells Dance Informa. “We’re providing an opportunity for a whole new young dance community to experience it. Nan Giordano is truly inspiring, passionate and actively sharing the timeless and foundational Giordano technique. Dance is sacred, alive and constantly evolving, making it impossible to be duplicated. In the words of Gus Giordano, ‘On one hand, jazz dance is truly a discipline requiring the same fierce dedication one expects in ballet. But jazz dance emancipates the soul. It frees the spirit.’ You have to be in it and create the experience. Nan, like her father, is a living legend, and taking class with Nan is quite literally being a part of history.”

Giordano Dance Chicago places a strong emphasis on enriching lives through dance on the stage and in the classroom, evident in its outreach program in underserved Chicago public schools. Since its beginnings, the company has always worked on documenting and preserving the Giordano technique for future generations. Giordano is still aiding in this mission and developed the Nan Giordano Certification Program.

World-Class Talent Experience. Photo by Four Star Productions.

World-Class Talent Experience. Photo by Four Star Productions.

“We are truly honored to offer this educational and life-changing experience curated by our forever growing relationship and partnering with Giordano Dance Chicago,” says Lindsey Leduc, WCTE master instructor and former member of Giordano Dance Chicago. “Our overall goal at World-Class Talent Experience is for dancers to leave our events having learned something valuable to further their dance education.”

Over the past five years, David has been proud of the high-quality dance competition events and classes that WCTE has offered, and she ensures that it will continue to do so.

“World-Class Talent Experience will continue to cultivate a culture that is fair, friendly, professional and a memorable experience for everyone,” David says. “We are continually seeking new opportunities to curate and connect the professional dance industry with the young aspiring dancers who cross our stage.”

For more information on World-Class Talent Experience or this weekend’s event, visit www.wctedance.com.

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa. 

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