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3 Floor Maintenance Tips to Save You Time and Money

Stagestep dance floor at Institute of the Arts, Barcelona.

With all the traffic and classes going on, it’s a wonder that dance floor maintenance isn’t a full-time job. In some cases, it is! In spite of a great amount of time and materials, it is hard to keep up. Here are three handy tips to make studio maintenance easier. You can enjoy longer lasting, cleaner floors, without a lot of work.

#1. Professional or industrial entrance mats can trap up to 80 percent of dirt, grime and particulate matter from ever getting on your dance studio floors. Abrasive materials on street shoes can scratch your floors and can contribute to wearing out dance shoes. It is much easier to brush out an entrance mat or two than to scrub an entire studio.

#2. Dry mop your studio floor prior to classes. During the night or when classes are not in session, dust and moisture settle on your floor even if you can’t see it. A quick dry mop can pick up most of the residue preventing it from being ground into the floor when activities begin.

3. Where have those shoes been? At home, in the car, on the street or driveway collecting all kinds of junk just waiting to be deposited on your floor the minute students start dancing. A “dance shoes only on in the studio” policy can help. A basket of cotton cloths available at the entrance of your studio encourages everyone to wipe the bottoms of shoes prior to class.

By Randy Swartz, President of Stagestep, Inc.

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