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Dance Studio Owners: A Plan for Weekly Productivity

Weekly planner for dance studio owners

How many times do you get to the end of the week and feel like you’ve been so busy teaching and taking care of everyone in the studio that you haven’t had a moment to yourself?

Just “keeping up” with the workload of running a studio can make it tricky to get the important things done…

Here’s a tip to help you make the most out of each week in your studio! 

Weekly Studio Planner from Studio Expansion for Dance Studio OwnersFirst up, download this free Weekly Studio Planner. Next, each Sunday evening or Monday morning, sit down and answer the questions below to set your goals for the week in each category:

What can I do this week to gain more awareness in our community and bring more students into the studio?

How can I boost the ‘wow’ factor and create an even more addictive studio environment for our students?

In what ways can I take on more of a mentoring role with my teachers to help them blossom and give the best experience to our students?  

How can I streamline my workload this week by outsourcing, automating or delegating?  

These are the four main categories for studio management, and each week our goal is to make sure we’re nurturing each of these areas within our business. We can’t neglect one by focusing too much on the others.

Using this weekly planner is going to help you focus on what’s really important in your studio.  

Print it out and keep your weekly planner next to your computer, stick it on the wall where you can see it, or take a photo of it and set it as your phone wallpaper – anything that’s going to keep giving you little reminders to take action!

Download your Weekly Studio Planner PDF for free by clicking here.

How do you manage your workload in your studio?  Do you have any tips for staying productive when you wear 10 different hats in the studio?  

In the comments below, share your best productivity tip for studio owners…

Here’s to more passion, more profits and more purpose in your studio! 

All my best, Chantelle

By Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield of

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