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MOTION: A NEW view on an OLD problem

For those of you that haven’t heard, MOTION by TigerSix is the new dance studio management software for the industry. MOTION was designed to solve the specific “pain-points” of running and managing a dance studio. The team at TigerSix worked directly with studio owners, teachers and the leaders in the dance industry (Dance Teacher Web, Discount Dance Supply, Dance Informa, TuTuTix, to name a few) to develop a software solution designed specifically for the dance studio owner.

When you look at how the typical studio owner manages their studio, some use software, some use Word or Excel and some just do it the old fashioned way, using paper! Now add to the list, managing and updating their website, keeping up with social media and on top of all that, trying to communicate with their parents! How do they juggle it all? And how do they effectively communicate with the parents? Most use a free email service like Gmail or some enlist the help of a parent to re-text information to the class. As if that wasn’t enough, now consider recital season. This involves taking measurements, ordering costumes, coordinating a conflict-free performance order and then actually running the annual recital!

MOTION was designed to incorporate all of these components into one software package and give the studio owner a centralized means of managing all of their technology from one package and any location: the studio, home, tablet or smart phone.

MOTION powered by TigerSixWhen TigerSix looked at the users and the amount of time they had to dedicate to managing their studio, they realized that the software had to be simple to use and most importantly, fast. Most owners do not have set time for managing; they grab hours in-between classes and their personal life. They do not have a lot of time set aside for learning and installing new software, so TigerSix needed to make it simple to learn and simple to set up.

TigerSix’s research showed that the studio owner doesn’t keep banker’s hours. They need support on a moment’s notice at all hours of the day or night. So it was important to give them an account manager and a support infrastructure that would be responsive to the owners needs on their timetable. Therefore, every MOTION customer has the cell phone number of his or her dedicated account manager.

The most impressive thing about MOTION is it’s polymorphic nature. MOTION’s design and features are the result of the current users requests for new services and features. As a user of MOTION, you get to request new features that help you deal with a specific “pain point” in managing your studio. This procedure ensures that MOTION evolves based on the need of the studio owner and not the need to try and make it fit into a health spa application. 

For a free demonstration of the MOTION software or to find out what differentiates MOTION from other software management programs, visit or call 888-910-8060 to speak to a Dance Studio Software Guru.

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