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Dance Quiz – Dancing Popstars

By Rain Francis of Dance Informa.

1. Which single by Kylie Minogue became the highest-selling of the decade?

a) I Should Be So Lucky

b) The Loco-motion

c) Can’t Get You Out of My Head

d) Spinning Around

2. Which pop princess began her career in gospel music?

a) Katy Perry

b) Rihanna

c) Cheryl Cole

d) Danni Minoque

3. In December Beyonce made mega-news by doing what?

a) adopting twins from West Africa

b) announcing her plans to retire

c) renewing her vows to Jay-Z

d) releasing a ‘secret’ album

4. What is the name of Madonna’s most recent tour?

a) Drowned World Tour

b) Sticky & Sweet Tour

c) Confessions Tour

d) MDNA Tour

5. Jennifer Lopez was once a backup dancer for which boy band?

a) New Kids on the Block

b) Backstreet Boys

c) ‘N Sync

d) Westlife

6. Which recently released movie does Justin Timberlake star in?

a) Runner, Runner

b) Step Up 5

c) Man of Steel

d) The Lone Ranger

7. Michael Jackson would have turned how old in August?

a) 39

b) 47

c) 56

d) 61

8. Which of the following was not a judge on American reality TV show The Voice in 2013?

a) Usher

b) Adam Levine

c) Christina Aguilera

d) Shakira

9. Which pop princess’ real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

a) Madonna

b) Lady Gaga

c) Ke$ha

d) Britney Spears

10. What was the name of the Spice Girls’ debut single?

a) Wannabe

b) Say You’ll Be There

c) 2 Become 1

d) Spice Up Your Life


Answers: 1 – b; 2 – a; 3 – d; 4 – d; 5 – a; 6 – a; 7 – c; 8 – c; 9 – b; 10 – a

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