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Dance Quiz – Dance Culture Around the World

By Rain Francis.

Test your knowledge of cultural dances from around the world.

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What style of dancing would you most likely be doing if you were at a Milonga?

a) Salsa

b) Tango

c) Polonaise

d) Krumping

In what country would you most likely be if you saw a Haka performed live?

a) Australia

b) Papua New Guinea

c) New Zealand

d) Peru

Which of the following is not a popular Latin ballroom dance?

a) Salsa

b) Ballet

c) Samba

d) Rumba

Which of the following are not traditionally used in Morris dancing?

a) Handkerchiefs

b) Broomsticks

c) Swords

d) Bells

Which instrument would be most likely to accompany Highland dancing?

a) Panpipes

b) Banjo

c) Bongo

d) Bagpipes

What name is best associated with Irish dancing?

a) Michael Flatley

b) Paddy Brennan

c) Peter Martins

d) Mikhail Baryshnikov

The Mazurka and the Polonaise are traditional dances of which European country?

a) Germany

b) Finland

c) Poland

d) Romania

Billy Ray Cyrus is a name best associated with what style of dancing?

a) Breakdancing

b) Highland dancing

c) Square dancing

d) Line dancing

With which country would you associate Butoh?

a) Thailand

b) Japan

c) Scotland

d) China

Originating from Vienna in the late 17th century, The Waltz is a popular dance in which time signature?

a) 3/4

b) 4/4

c) 6/8

d) 2/4

Answers: 1 – b, 2 – c, 3 – b, 4 – b, 5 – d, 6 – a, 7 – c, 8 – d, 9 – b, 10 – a

Photo: © Anky10 |
Dragos Ana/Diandra Iles, ballroom dancers, 4th place at the Romanian National Contest (Cupa Romaniei), standard section, 12-13 years old. 25 Oct 2009, Timisoara, Romania

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