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Dance Teacher Web Conference & Expo takes you to the top

Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo. Photo courtesy of DTW.
Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo. Photo courtesy of DTW.

As another school year comes to an end and recitals and other dance concerts take their final bows, summer is underway not only for students but for dance teachers and studio owners alike. Although the work is never done as a teacher, there is still a desire to work in some relaxation along with planning for the next dance season. Dance Teacher Web Conference & Expo is back in full swing this August to offer that balance of relaxation and enrichment in one of the most exciting cities in the U.S. — Las Vegas. Steve Sirico, founder of Dance Teacher Web (DTW), talks to Dance Informa about the change of scenery for the conference and what those in attendance can expect.

Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo.

“This is very exciting for Dance Teacher Web Conference & Expo as we transition into our new home, the Paris Hotel, on the Las Vegas strip,” says Sirico. “There is a $120-a-night room rate, which you can’t beat, along with two pre-conference seminars offered. The first pre-conference seminar focuses on ‘Studio Culture Success — It’s a Story of Three,’ and the second seminar focuses on Mind, Body and Vibe.”

The Studio Culture Success seminar seeks to focus on building and maintaining an environment that fosters ideas, positivity and growth. Studio owners in attendance will get to dive into these ideas along with Angela D’Valda, Steve Sirico and Liz Imperio to focus on three key elements that foster studio culture success: the who (the students, parents and staff), the what (values, beliefs and systems), and the how (learning, innovation and change).

With a focus on dance teachers, the Mind, Body and Vibe seminar strives to dive further than the physical factors within each student.

Steve Sirico at Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo. Photo courtesy of DTW.
Steve Sirico at Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo. Photo courtesy of DTW.

Sirico explains, “The Mind, Body and Vibe seminar will challenge dance teachers to tap into the student’s psyche to see what is mentally and physically important for students in a class setting. This mind, body and soul focused seminar will be led by Jess Stafford, Jeff Russell, and Julie Kay Stallup with the hopes of guiding teachers on how to enhance student’s training across the board.”

The introduction to the festivities at the DTW Conference & Expo is just the beginning of the amenities those in attendance can look forward to. A new location for the conference is nothing without new faculty to commemorate the occasion. Some of the newer faculty include but are not limited to Allison Burke, who currently performs in Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE; Lacey Schwimmer from Dancing with the Stars; and Misty Lown, owner and founder of More Than Just Great Dancing. Along with many other talented faculty on the DTW Conference & Expo team comes a unique lineup of sessions that differ from one another in their own unique way.

“There is something for everyone,” says Sirico. “Teachers and dance studio owners can choose what sessions they want to be a part of. Every hour, there are at least four to five movement classes and two to three business seminars to participate in.”

Sirico goes on to explain that along with these in-person experiences, those who cannot be in attendance have the use of the DTW App right at their fingertips. Even those who are not registered can tap into six months worth of content offered free of charge. This proves to serve as a helpful learning tool for studio owners and teachers who may have to miss the festivities but still want to build upon their programs for the upcoming season. There are numerous advantages that the DTW Conference & Expo seeks to offer in the spirit of full access along with viable resources.

Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo. Photo courtesy of DTW.
Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo. Photo courtesy of DTW.

“In our new home at the Paris Hotel, we can now offer more room,” Sirico explains. “There are bigger ballrooms and conference spaces for everyone to dance and enjoy. Besides the expansion in space, there are incredible dining experiences at the Paris Hotel from Vanderpump restaurant to The Bedford by Martha Stewart. In addition to the special events that we will be hosting, our sponsor, Capezio, will be providing every attendee with a $100 gift card. There’s lots to look forward to.”

DTW Conference & Expo strives to give teachers studio owners the same relaxation over the summer months that their students get to enjoy. From the location to the many amenities being offered, attending this conference is a well-deserved getaway teamed up with tools to bring back to the next dance season. The constant theme surrounding this conference is elevating. Whether you’re a studio owner or dance teacher, you are put front and center and given a VIP treatment from start to finish.

“Dance teachers and studio owners are constantly giving, so this is an amazing opportunity to get,” says Sirico. “This is something for them to grow, learn, refresh and recharge. Imagine starting a new season bursting with inspiration!”

This year’s Dance Teacher Web Conference & Expo will take place August 1-4, in Las Vegas. Dance Informa is a major sponsor and we can’t wait to see you there. For more information and to register, visit

By Monique Jackson of Dance Informa.

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