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14 Reasons We Love…Ballet

Amanda Farris. Photography by Richard Calmes.
Amanda Farris. Photography by Richard Calmes.

Ballet is hard, ballet is demanding, and sometimes young students can feel like ballet is a bore. But, as teachers we know that ballet is the foundation of all other dance forms and that it’s important that our dancers are inspired to work at it. Here’s 14 reasons we can remind them just why we love ballet.  

#1. For how far the technique has developed.

Sometimes it’s difficult to believe the amazing things ballet dancers can do these days, compared to even a few decades ago. And we just keep getting stronger…

#2. For giving us true artists… 

Like Carlos Acosta, Darcey Bussell, Alessandra Ferri, Rudolf Nurevev, Gelsey Kirkland, Polina Semionova… The list goes on and on!

#3. For those times when it appears in popular culture.

Who doesn’t love spotting ballerinas in music videos, advertising campaigns and films?

#4. For teaching us about music.

Ballet definitely cultivates a love of classical music and an understanding of the structure of it.

#5. For being the starting point for other dance forms.

Like modern, contemporary, lyrical and neo-classical.

#6. For the incredible costumes.

Tutus, sequins, tulle, diamonds, feathers… What’s not to love?

New York City Ballet's Emilie Gerrity in Balanchine's 'Raymonda Variations'

New York City Ballet’s Emilie Gerrity in Balanchine’s ‘Raymonda Variations’. Photo by Paul Kolnik.

#7. For creating a deep connection.

There are some things you just don’t need to explain to your dance friends. And when you work in a company, you create a bond that can be closer to family.

#8. For the magic.

Helping create the illusion by being part of a show, or sitting in the audience and letting yourself be swept away, the theatre is pure magic, and ballet is the most beautiful form.

#9. For giving us the skills to pick up almost any other dance form with ease.

And most sports, for that matter!

#10. For pas de deux.

A well-choreographed and well-executed pas de deux is incredible to watch – and feels exquisite to do.

#11. For giving us poise and grace.

Who doesn’t love being told, “I can tell you are a dancer”? Thanks for the posture and grace, ballet! 

#12. For expression without words.

Sometimes, words just don’t do the trick. Dancing is the ultimate form of self-expression and doesn’t require you to explain yourself.

#13. For making us hard as nails and able to handle anything.

Pointe shoes, auditions, tricky steps… Ballet dancers may make it look easy, but we all know it’s anything but.

#14. For inspiring us since day one.

The lights, the costumes, the makeup, the music… Ballet feeds our inner child and reminds us what it’s like to be a little kid.

By Rain Francis of Dance Informa.


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