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Global Dance and Cheer Games set to launch in Hawaii

Dance and Cheer Games

New Zealand’s most accomplished cheerleading coach Kimberley Ramsay Reid recently announced the launch of the Global Dance + Cheer Games. Taking competitions into a new era, the inaugural event will take place in Hawaii in June 2016. Here Dance Informa speaks to Ramsay Reid to get the scoop:

Why has this event been created?

“It’s inspired by the global need to showcase studio dance and non-Worlds’ cheer divisions at a prestigious international event. Global Dance + Cheer Games creates an opportunity for young people to use a love of cheer and dance as a way to learn about different cultures and break through barriers to create lifelong friendships through sport.

We understand the value of athletes competing at international events and how they benefit from both displaying their skills on the world stage and being able to share the experience with young people from other cultures.

The amount they learn from sharing knowledge with others and seeing different techniques and performance styles from around the world helps them to extend their skills and provides a platform for them to grow both personally and as athletes. This unique, world first competition will be an unforgettable experience!”

How long has it been in the making?

“The concept for the D+C Games started some time ago and in 2014 the event ‘came to life’.”

Why is it being held in Hawaii?

“Hawaii is the perfect destination for a global competition.  It’s central for travel from most Asian, Pacific, European and North American countries and provides a stunning backdrop to the event.”

Leah Winters

Competitor Leah Winters. Photo courtesy of the Global Dance and Cheer Games.

What are you most looking forward to?

“As organizers we’re particularly excited about seeing people from around the world competing at a variety of levels and sharing their experience. As one of the only opportunities for people of all ages and levels to compete internationally in dance and cheer it is going to be a thrill to see these people enjoying possibly their first ever international competition experience.”

 You’ve said that dancers and cheerleaders from across the world will be offered “rock star treatment”; what do you mean by that?

“The Global Dance + Cheer Games will provide an electric atmosphere in which dancers and athletes can display their skills, with full production lighting and sound. Alongside this there will be spacious warm up areas, fantastic medals and awards, a dedicated coaches sanctuary, and precise and consistent scoring.  Our aim is that all competitors come off stage feeling like superstars.”

The four-day event begins with the Opening Ceremony, Parade of Nations and cultural exchanges. What sort of cultural exchanges will take place?

“The opening ceremony will be an amazing show highlighting all cultures from around the world. Then throughout the four day event athletes and teams will  have opportunities to meet and great others from around the globe, with flag swapping ceremonies, a cultural luau and a parade of nations to name a few.”

How can people get involved?

“Our goal for the Global D+C Games is to make teams and athletes feel privileged and honored to receive a qualifying invite. We want only the best from each country to be represented at the D+C Games, so a true international champion can be found.

There are two ways to qualify to play at the D+C Games:

1. You can win a qualifying invite at one of our Sanctioned Event Partners competitions; or

2. You can be drafted into the Games by being selected as a Qualifying Cheer or Dance Partner.”

Information on sanctioned events can be found here:

By Rain Francis of Dance Informa.

Photo (top): A Global Dance and Cheer Games competitor. Photo courtesy of the Global Dance and Cheer Games.

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