Carnival 3


Home Nightclub, Darling Harbour
Oct 22nd

 By Linda Badger

Well what a phenomenal night! 
It all started with a lovely (or shall we say lov-er-lay) ballet intro, starring the creator of the event, Mr Carey Ysais. Followed by explosive number after explosive number, this Carnival was fresher, and even more exciting than the last.  Highlights of the night definitely had to be Sarah Boulter’s pieces, both having the ability to take your breath away and make you speechless, and of course the choreography of the Carnival residents – Tony Czar and Andre Fuentes.  It’s so great to see some of LA’s finest choreograph on some of Sydney’s best.  It was really interesting to see hip hop dancers doing lyrical and lyrical dancers doing hip hop, showing just how verasatile us Aussie dancers are.  Overall the night was a fantastic way to see so many emerging and established choreographers show their work side by side on equal grounds. They presented unique mixes of style and creativity, with new talent showing promise of great things to come in the Sydney commercial dance scene.

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