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While the Internet and the popular media are not always my first choice for quality nutrition advice, I was pleasantly surprised at...
Choosing the best Nutrition Bars for dancers

Pre-wrapped or homemade bars can be a great choice for a quick and portable snack.  With all the claims on the labels,...
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It’s no surprise that the current craze in fitness is dance-inspired workouts.  Throughout the years, the dancer’s graceful yet athletic body has...
Dietary Supplements - Are They Safe?

The dietary supplement industry is estimated to be worth between $23 billion and $32 billion per year and growing

Finally lose those extra pounds by simply shifting the way we think about our food choices - No calorie counting required. 

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa. Dance students new to...

Jump start your metabolism with these quick and easy breakfast ideas. By Emily C. Harrison MS, RD, LD in collaboration with...

How to start the new season looking and feeling your very best. By Christine Dion of

By Emily C. Harrison MS, RD, LD of The Centre for Dance Nutrition.

By Leigh Schanfein of Dance Informa.
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